Podiatry Standards in BC

Podiatry in British Columbia

The British Columbia Podiatric Medical Association (BCPMA) is the body that represents or speaks for the doctors of podiatric medicine, DPM - otherwise known as podiatrists or foot doctors in B.C.

Mission Statement

The BCPMA advocates for the specialty of podiatric medicine and surgery for the benefit of its members and the health of the public.  We seek to ensure podiatric surgeons are recognized as essential providers of foot and ankle care.

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Standard of Care

The British Columbia Podiatric Medical Association upholds the policy and standard of Universal Precautions with respect to instrument sterility, infection control and office cleanliness.  All instruments are steam autoclaved for sterility after each patient use.  Hand washing between patients and general office cleanliness is compulsory.  These are the standards to be expected from your podiatrist in British Columbia.

Podiatrists Act
BCPMA bylaws